Donation box: get one going!

As you may gather from my chosen work, I’m pretty organized, and contrary to the expression, “the cobbler’s children do not go barefoot” around here. My home is organized within an inch of its housely life. That said, it’s a constant process. Stuff is constantly rolling in (probably because I love thrift stores so much), so I need to keep a similar amount of stuff rolling right back out.

Here’s the system. I keep a “donation box” under a bench in my dining room, and whenever the kid tries on a pair of pants that are too tight, they go straight into the box. If I shuffle my books to fit new ones on the shelf, and I find one or two titles that I don’t need to keep? Straight into the box. If I get a present that was very kindly given but I won’t use it, nor will I be able to regift it? Into the box.

Fortunately, since I’m out thrifting so much, that means I always have a trip coming up at which I can make a drop off. And there’s always stuff to drop off.

Do you feel like you can’t imagine giving away a box of stuff every two weeks? Here’s an example of one of my give-away piles, complete with rationalizations.

  • 7 pairs of fancy socks — Really? I only wear black socks.
  • Formal tablecloth — It’s my only formal tablecloth, and it cost a lot for the fabric when I made it, but that was several years ago, and it has a few stains. I won’t use it in that state, so off it goes.
  • Small round holiday tablecloth — I had to put two of these together to cover my monstrously long table. Someone with a nice round table will happy to have the perfect size.
  • Craft fabric — I don’t even want to talk about this. I have enough. That’s all we need to say.
  • Four linen napkins — Four? Linen?
  • Really cool old crocheted afghan — that is scratchy as all get out, and doesn’t rank among my top five blankets, so? Out.
  • Entire grocery bag full of plastic toy schrapnel from my daughter’s toy drawer — all cool enough to be enjoyed by someone else, yet forgettable enough to never be missed.
  • Fleece blanket — Pilly! You’re out!
  • Baby quilt — Made by my mom for my daughter. Too small to be repurposed as a throw. It’s beautiful, but we have two of these that she made. I’m saving the one we love more, and giving this one away so some other family will have the pretty, flannelly, cuddly experience of it.
  • 12 nice black and white cotton napkins — I really like these. I also like my other 36 cotton napkins.
  • 4 Christmas coasters — Cute! Enjoyed for a while, and passed on for others to enjoy, too.
  • 5 paperbacks — Gleaned from my “to be read” shelves. I added more books to that shelf that I want to read more, thus squeezing these out. Ciao!
  • 1 book — from my kid’s shelves. It’s a duplicate of a nicer copy we got later.

And you know what’s most important? Until I retyped this list here, I didn’t remember that I’d gotten rid of any of these things.

Set yourself up a donation box!

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