MapQuest printouts… keep them.

If you haven’t switched over to using a GPS when you drive to exotic locales these days (or, say, the Costco three towns over), you probably print out maps and directions. I used to get rid of these after my trips, but then I realized that I needed to keep printing some over and over, or I’d be in my car away from home (and my computer), and wishing I had a set of directions I remembered having… once.

So, taking advantage of the storage pockets on the backs of the front seats, I started keeping a letter-sized heavy plastic envelope for all of those printouts. Now if I’m at my brother’s and want to go to IKEA? I’m good to go. Just make sure you write the “To/From” info on the top of each set of directions in nice big letters so they’re easy to identify. And if the envelope gets too full, it’s time to weed out the ones you don’t need anymore.

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