Before and After-office and library areas

This couple, an academic and a writer, needed a less cluttered, more “homey” space. A big part of this was resolved by setting up a centralized library. We thinned notes, books and publications; and categorized by medium and subject. They purchased a large wall unit from IKEA, and we were able to repurpose quite a bit of the shelving they already had.

Before: office and library area

There were two desks when there really only needed to be one. We decided that the wall with the second desk and the TV would become the library.
Before-office and library area

Before-library area

More library contents on the kitchen floor.
Before-library contents

After: office and library area

Desk! Shelves formerly in the bedroom were freed up to be used next to the desk when we moved the books out of the bedroom, thinned them, and consolidated them into the library.
After-office area

The Library! Videos, CDs and DVDs in books, and jumbley things in general were tucked into bins and drawers in this shelving unit. Magazines stand upright in holders.
After-library area

The office in use, before we were even done with the rest of the organizing. The large shelf to the left of the desk was the large shelf formerly in the living room.
Note: if your organizer suggests the cat bed might not be best-placed on the desk, and you want the cat bed on your desk, you can put the cat bed on your desk.
After-office area

Before: living room

This bookshelf ended up being moved into the office area for academic books. Its current contents were thinned, and the remainder moved to the library.
Before-living room

Before-living room

After: living room

Moving the couch opened up this room a great deal, and delineated the boundary between the living room and office area. The hutch, previously a secret place for old notes and other mysterious items, now works as a mailing and business station. Computer and office supplies are stored below.
After-living room

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