Book Review — “Organizing the Good Life”

I was raised to believe in the kindness behind the words “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” In that case, this review would look like this:

The End

However, to be fair, I should qualify my (lack of) comment. The author, Celia Rocks, seems to have a good heart, and has found peace in her life with her stuff and wants to share that, which is admirable. That said, her writing style is contrived, laden with clunky, imagined conversations that showcase her ability to solve her friends’ and family’s problems in obvious ways. Could her friend really not decide what area of the country to live in without Celia’s sage suggestion to consider whether she was a West Coast Person or an East Coast Person? Would she really be asking Celia and not be having this conversation with her fiance? It was also annoying to hear the author say over and over what a successful businesswoman she is and how smoothly she integrates that with her sensitive and skillful parenting. Those are two important identities, and it’s great that she feels confident in her abilities and successes, but she repeats it again and again. And again. We hear you, Celia. In the end, this book’s biggest crime is probably just that it’s not very well written. And technically, that’s not a crime, but wasting your time on it might be.

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