Book Review — “Clutter Control: Putting Your Home On A Diet”

Clutter Control

This book, published in 1992, has practical ideas and is written in a very sweet and accessible fashion, but I don’t think you need to own it or even necessarily borrow it from the library, since no strategies are covered that you couldn’t find in a much more comprehensive book. That said, I love our man Jeff Campbell, and not just because he has a super cute picture of himself in a flannel shirt on the inside of the back cover, which seems sort of humble. The book is peppered with little line drawings and I had to look twice to realize that the harried looking person in a chaotic kitchen with a baby on the floor… seems to be a guy. Thanks, Jeff! Guys need help in the kitchen too, and I appreciate it being included without fanfare.

Here’s one point that I found interesting:

Fragrances have a shelf life of approximately one year.
Unopened, this can extend to two years,
and unopened and refrigerated (not frozen, okay? It’s not Stoli), three years. That compact you have from high school? I think you know what to do with it.

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