Editing your wardrobe. It’s the new black.

When I hear people say “less is more” in a smug tone of voice, more often than not I feel like giving them a smack-o. Not only is it glib, but when it comes to things like vacation time and sunny days during the winter, “more” is barely enough.

That said, there are times when “more” makes you pay over and over. Classic example? Your bedroom closet. You keep lots of clothing so you feel like you have the most possible options when you’re putting together an outfit. You paid good money for those pieces! That sweater was a gift! You’ll totally pack yourself into those jeans again! No, really!

Come on. If that jacket comes back in style, the shape may be in but the fabric will be outré. If you fit back in those jeans again, you deserve to celebrate with a new pair. And if you never really liked that sweater? Let it go.

When you thin items out of your closet that you don’t really love or wear, you’re left with a streamlined body of quality components that you know make you look good. Each time you get dressed, you won’t have to consider and discard the same losers over and over. This also helps you identify legitimate gaps in your wardrobe. If all of your black tanks are stretched out and faded, give them away and get yourself a nice new one.

You can have the best without buying more things. Let a thoughtful edit of what you already have reacquaint you with the gems you own. Getting dressed will be less like duking it out in a communal dressing room and more like shopping in your own personal boutique.

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