Plastic grocery bags! Kill the monster!


I admit that I choose to take plastic bags at the grocer store on occasion, because I reuse them as trash bags. That said, the times are a-changin’, and even distracted people like myself are carrying reusable shopping bags on their person and in their cars for regular use. I have a few personal favorites, including a bright yellow herpes meds one I got as a gift from a client who’s a doctor.

A friend mentioned Baggus the other day, though, and said she’s in love with them, and who wouldn’t be? They’re super compact and come in a gorgeous range of colors. I also love Envirosax, and they come in a nice range of patterns. Check out the rest of the site for lots of baggy options.

Sometimes I feel a little funny spending money on something to do a job that free bags used to do for me, but besides the whole “don’t destroy the place you live” thing, it’s good to acknowledge that sporting handfuls of plastic bags does nothing for your look. Whereas toting one of these saucy bags says, “I can bring home the bacon and look fantastic doing it.”

(Aside: Did you know that there’s an expression in Ireland for plastic grocery bags that have been caught by the wind and gotten stuck up in trees? “Witches knickers.” I love that.)

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