Where should I file my unicorn?

semiokolon file

Yes, I did once have a pair of rainbow suspenders. But I challenge anyone else who weathered the roller rinks of the late 1970’s to look me in the eyes and tell me that they themselves committed no such crime. (Go ahead. I’m waiting.)

Time having passed, though, I can now recommend rainbow-themed items to my people, for all of their festive storage needs. Looking for the perfect place for your spectrum analysis documents? The files for organizing the gay pride festival? Your top-secret notes on new Crayola colors and names? The Semikolon Rainbow Expanding File is your go to paper wrangler.

Seriously, if you’re a visual person who has a hard time differentiating between same colored folders in a file, this is perfect, especially for files that you need to bring with you. It can be easier to remember a color than to read file labels each time you want to tuck something away.

Plus, it’s bright enough not to disappear or get mixed up with someone else’s files. Perfect!

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