Do you secretly think that if you just had enough clear storage tubs, your life would be more organized? Truth be told, random organizing purchases can be just more clutter.

Don’t rush out and buy supplies until you know specifically what you need to “containerize.” If you’re working on wrangling paper, chances are you’re going to need boxes of file folders, hanging files, labels, and maybe even a new file bucket or filing cabinet. If you’re doing clothing or mementos, you may need storage tubs, but start working first and see what you need. Frequently, especially if you’re getting rid of things, you’ll find that you’re emptying storage containers that you can reuse. Good for your wallet, good for the earth.

Of course, you’ll probably need supplies at some point, and there is nothing like the right tool, box, or label for the job. Here are some links to give you ideas of what’s out there.

Stores — pretty much everything

The Container Store — storage bins and boxes, drawer organizers, garage organizers, ELFA Storage, office organization, closet organization, shelving

Crate&Barrel — mid- to upscale housewares

Design Within Reach — design saavy furnishings and housewares. “Within Reach” is a relative concept.

Home Depot — everything you could imagine a hardware store having

The Home Marketplace — shelf dividers, wrapping paper organizer, baskets, hangers, laundry workstation, pet food containers, under bed storage, hampers, storage boxes, cabinet organization tools

IKEA — furnishings and lifestyle accoutrement of the modern, affordable and frequently thoughtfully designed variety

  • home page
  • storage furniture – bookcases, cabinets, shelving, headboards, media organizing, clothing storage systems, wardrobes

Frosting the IKEA cake

Did you get some great organizing units, and you wanted to make your IKEA furniture match?
Personalization is everything. Here is a great blog with clever ways to make IKEA basics bend to your every whim.

Office Depot — office supplies, storage supplies, office furniture

The Home Store/ — photo and media storage, boxes and baskets, shelving and furniture, gift wrap storage

Solutions Catalog — geegaws and gadgets to make your life easier

Target — housewares, storage, office supplies, etc.

Interesting products

Space San Diego — Interior design “solutions”

Space station