When the ham speaks, listen.

Sometimes, when you’re getting rid of stuff, there is an item that clearly is no longer something you need to own, but there still remains enjoyment that must be wrung out.

A friend of mine is moving, and she’s doing a great job thinning her possessions. I’m proud to report that the "humorous items purchased by friends for a quick laugh" are being brutally evaluated, but I am just as glad that she brought in the faux catalog from which I scanned this:

I love that she shared this “catalog” before it got purged. First of all, ham is always funny. Secondly, it reminded me that you don’t have to keep something to have it make you happy. A few of us read the whole thing with tears running down our faces.

And then I recycled it.

At risk of getting all Hallmark on you, laughing takes up no counter space, doesn’t collect dust, and will keep you going when the going feels grim. It’s important to stay on task and keep moving forward, and one of the things that helps us do that is enjoying the silly things that crop up on the way.

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