Give your car the brush off.

panda puffsI’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that I like to keep my car neat. For one, I’m kind of compulsive, but it’s also a part of my interaction with my clients, and I don’t want to have my four-wheeled office look like a mess. It’s easy to keep the macro-junk out of there. Anyone who rides with me knows the rules: when you get out, all personal possessions and trash come with. I am, however, human (rumors to the contrary notwithstanding), and haven’t had the heart to ban eating in the car. What does this mean? It means that two seconds after I do a nice thorough vacuum out, there are seventeen handfuls of Panda Puffs jammed in every crease of the back seat. Gah!

As much as I’d like to have one of those industrial car wash vacuums installed in my driveway (note to self: buy scratch ticket), I’m not yet living that dream, and my dust buster just doesn’t cut it. So last week when I was tossing my snowbrush into the trunk via the back seat, I thought, “Hey, this would be perfect for brushing off my seats.” And it was. I just opened the back doors and went to town. The stiff bristles got the crumbs and fuzzies off the fabric, and the edge was narrow enough to run along the back creases of the seats. It did a good job on the rugs, too.

This was a great between-vacuumings solution. And clearly, I’ll be keeping the brush in my car all year round now, since crumb abatement knows no season.

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