No more wire hangers!


This is a little bit hard to talk about, because, frankly, it disturbs me to my core to see jumbles of tangled wire hangers in people’s closets (or in baskets, or on the floor…). At best, they crease your clothing because they’re thin. At worst, they sag and drop clothing, and catch on each other.

Just stop.

Here are two ways to banish wire hangers from your life with a minimum of guilt:
1. If you are a dry cleaning regular, bring the hangers back to the dry cleaner. They’ll love you for it. (The dry cleaners, and the hangers.)
2. Consider asking your dry cleaner to order EcoHangers. They’re made from recycled, biodegradable paperboard and recycled bottle caps, and since they’re a marketing tool for advertisers, your dry cleaner may be able to get them for free. And then when you end up with too many of these in your closet, you have the choice of bringing them back or recycling them.

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