How Does This Work?

This process needs to make sense to you.

We’ll make decisions about your possessions together, and discuss why we’re making the choices we’re making. You’re a critical part of the process, so your systems are easy for you to remember, and easy for you to maintain.

I will always treat you with respect, honesty, and sensitivity, and my services are confidential, non-judgmental, and positive.

Here’s how it goes:

You’ll email me or call me, and we’ll talk about what you’re interested in working on. Then we’ll set a time for me to come to your home or the site to be organized, to look at it and talk about it together.

Please don’t clean up before I come over. I want to see what you’re really dealing with. We’ll look at the areas you’d like to work on, and you’ll tell me what works and doesn’t work. I’ll ask you questions that will help me understand what’s important to you, how you’ve been doing things in the past, what’s been working well, and how we can best work together. You’re unique and your possessions are important: you require and deserve an individualized evaluation.

We’ll work together, especially in paper- or memorabilia-dense environments. This way, each choice we make has been confirmed by you, and any systems we create together are based on your individual needs and the way you think.

Probably, much of what we’ll do is purging and sorting, then finding appropriate places for everything that is being kept. If you have designated places for things, when you get the urge to put things away — you’ll know where to put them. I’ll suggest appropriate storage and organizing options, and you’ll choose which you most prefer.

Don’t buy storage material before we start. I’m very interested in using what you may already have, and you don’t know how much of what you’ll need to “containerize.” We’ll talk about that when we’re together.

Hiring an organizer will:

  • allow you to focus on the more important things: the things that always get put off until you’ve “gotten your act together.”
  • make the process much more fun! I keep your energy up, keep you focused, and provide conversation.
  • keep you motivated.
  • help you get the job done.

I know you can do it. Especially with a little help.