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Sometimes it’s useful to get some organizing ideas and support in book form. Because frankly, I can’t fit comfortably in your beach tote.


Chronic Disorganization/Compulsive Hoarding
Do you think you may be dealing with something deeper than typical clutter? Here are some resources to help you analyze your situation and strategize a path to freedom from Chronic Disorganization and/or Compulsive Hoarding. And a path to your couch.

Organizing Supply Sources
We all have stores we run to again and again, but what if they don’t have the exact bins we need? Or what if you just want to see what’s out there? Shelves, bins, wrapping paper tubs, spice racks and much more: here are some store sites to check out before you hop in your car.

Motivational Links
You know how you look at those pictures of serene bedrooms with no clothes on the floor, or bathrooms with coordinated linens and no toothpaste smears, and you feel like, “I could do that”?

Here are sites full of those rooms. And more. Be inspired.